Welcome to SETTLE IT.


We are a law firm based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in providing legal services for conveyancing and property transactions. We aim to deliver stress free settlements and professional legal advice with the backing of an experienced solicitor of over a decade.

We offer competitive rates and with fast turnaround times delivering a professional and friendly service that will ensure we do further business for years to come. We value our customers and hope to transact for them time and again. We look forward to working with you. Let's Settle It!

Buying a Property

Settle It can assist with all documentation relating to the purchase of a property, titles searches, rates information and advice. We also have partner firms assisting with finance, insurances and construction.

Selling a Property

We act for the seller offering great rates and speedy turnaround times. We aim to have all documentation finalised within 24 hours of receiving bank instructions.

Need Advice?

An in-house solicitor specialising in property law for over 30 years is at the disposal of all of our clients ensuring a smooth and stress-free settlement whilst also tending to any of your legal needs.